Journey To Asia

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Catalog: EUCD2858

Dulsori; Goryaeva, Buynta; Ismailova, Kamuna; Davaasuren, Bayarbaatar; Nelken, Miriam; Farjami, Hossein; Lok-Batan Folklore Group; Ensemble Kereoni; Kambarkan Folk Ensemble; Shrivastav, Baluji; Ramzy, Hossam; Fiesta Filipina; Yamato Ensemble; Shahi, Bishwo; Sep Nyai Court Orchestra; Shrestha, Rubin Kumar; Baasankhuu, Chinbat; Asif Bhatti Ensemble; Topolnitska, Iryna; Gurung, Dawa; Heart of the Dragon Ensemble; Berry, Caroline; The Afghan Ensemble; Uzbek National Orchestra of Folk Music; Ray, Nirmalendu; Sha

The music of Asia and the Far East is easily distinguishable. The unique instrumentations, the pentatonic scale structure, and the folk song themes are unlike anywhere else in the world. This release is a musical exploration of Asia, taking in cultural treasures from nineteen countries of the world’s largest continent, including energizing Chinese New Year’s music, relaxing Japanese flute, thunderous Korean drums, beautiful choral music from Georgia and more. The songs on this release have been culled from ARC Music’s vast catalog of Asian albums by Julia Beyer, and remastered by Diz Heller. Diz has also provided the liner notes alongside the artists.

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