Baroque Pearls

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Carrara, Annalisa; Sacchi, Floraleda; Parels Ensemble; Grandesso, Marcello; Curiale, Davide; Antonelli, Giorgia; Dupuy, Vincent; Girardi, Missimiliano; Carrara, Titino

An homage to some of the most famous musicians of the 16th and 17th centuries, this album pairs composers such as Barbara Strozzi, Claudia Sessa and Maddalena Casulana with two contemporary composers: Alberto and Leonardo Schiavo. Music from the past and the present, in dialogue. The idea is to discover (or rediscover) these works and mutually enrich them. The musical language adopted for these arrangements never strays too far from their original sonorities, but on the other hand it is not a simple transcription, but an interpretation of a repertoire that is more relevant than ever, and consequently a source of inspiration and raw material for contemporary composers. This album is performed by Parels Ensemble, composed of first class Italian players: Damiano Grandesso, Massimiliano Girardi, Floraleda Sacchi, and Massimiliano Rizzoli. Guest musicians for this release include Vincent Dupuy, Marcello Grandesso, and Davide Curiale. Three actors took part in this recording as well: Titino Carrara, Annalisa Carrara, and Giorgia Antonelli.

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