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Catalog: SIG11111


With their refreshing melodic invention, humor, gaiety and upbeat tempi, the playful and colorful compositions of Régis Campo defy any affiliation to major aesthetic currents of the late 20th century. “Street Art”, his new album for the Signature Radio France label, features fourteen virtuoso musicians of the ensemble TM+, conducted by Laurent Cuniot. Located in the Parisian suburb Nanterre, TM+ performs a broad contemporary repertoire, including classics from the 20th century like Schönberg and Stockhausen as well as the youngest French and international composers. And should it fit with the programming TM+ even plays the 19th century chamber music. Indeed programming is essential to this ensemble, who insists that a contemporary classical concert should be “one work” where the individual pieces have a meaningful connection with each other. Founded in 1986 by Laurent Cuniot, who still leads the ensemble, TM+ has a nucleus of 20 skillful and hard working musicians.

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