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Catalog: CUB05191


Through five composers we shed five different lights, five writings, five different ways to highlight contemporary music. Everyone can find something to marvel at, to get moved. To open up to different languages and discover styles they wouldn’t usually reach for. This album finds unity in its diversity and compositional richness. The leitmotif also is a reference to the poet: here, enlightenment is a revelation, it’s a new-found clarity after a long time of doubts and questions. Created in 2001, Duo Gemini (Jean-Frederic Molard and Jean-Noel Remiche) is distinguished by their commitment and generosity in their field. From classic to contemporary, the Duo Gemini breathes personality into every work. Winner of the International Chamber Music Competition of Rome, Duo Gemini performs across Europe and North America. Since 2009, the ensemble has primarily devoted themselves to the discovery of contemporary Belgian repertoire.

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