The Sound Of Silk Chinese Strings

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Catalog: EUCD2846

Yu, Cheng; Xiangting, Li

The guqin zither and pipa lute are the two oldest and most celebrated traditional Chinese stringed instruments, both with over two thousand years’ history. Their musical tradition is closely liked with the self-cultivation of literati and scholars, and the four arts of the Chinese gentleman- guqin, Chinese chess, calligraphy and painting. The strings were made of silk and plucked with the fingers. This album features not only traditional pieces, but also many spontaneous improvisations and contemplations that were inspired by the musicians’ contemporary thoughts, current socio-cultural context and surroundings. It is largely a reflection of 21st century Chinese literati’s musicianship and sentiments. The album was recorded in the context of the London International Guqin Festival in August 2018, organized by the London Youlan Qin Society in collaboration with SOAS, University of London with funding by Arts Council England.

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