The Art Of Emotions

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Label: Simax Classics
Catalog: PSC1372

Inoue, Yuko

The title of Yuko Inoue’s debut album says it all. The sound of the fortepiano draws us 200 years back – to a time when composers developed a new musical language in parallel with the evolution of the instruments. A time where music really becomes the art of emotions. Harpsichordist and forte-pianist Yuko Inoue’s career took an unexpected turn when she met the music of C.P.E. Bach: For the first time in her life she heard music that was extremely close to her own temperament, so close that she has jokingly suggested that she herself must have been C.P.E. Bach in a past life. The composers on this release belong to four different generations in a time when keyboard instruments were evolving rapidly. The fortepiano (1780 original, maker unknown) from Edvind Beunk’s collection that Yuko Inoue has chosen for this recording, is an instrument all of them would have had a passionate relationship with. Based in Cologne, Ms Inoue has established her place in the music life with numerous appearances as harpsichordist and forte-pianist, both in solo and chamber music - in Japan as well as in Europe, i.e., with the Klassische Philharmonie Bonn, Kölner Kammerorchester, Sinfonieorchester Aachen, The Norwegian Baroque Orchestra and at the Utrecht Festival voor Oude Muziek.

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