The Splendour Of Venice: Music For Cornetts, Violi

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Label: Pan classics
Catalog: PC10404

La Pifarescha

The turn of the 17th century represents not only the golden age of the Venetian Republic, but one of the most variegated moments in the history of Western art music. The innovations of the Venetian School, influential far beyond the confines of its native lagoon, represent the culmination of a stylistic evolution in a period of aesthetic transition from the high Renaissance to the early Baroque. The instrumental music of “La Serenissima” is celebrated not only for the enormous historical, cultural, and artistic inheritance that it represents, but, quite simply, for its sheer beauty. La Pifarescha incorporates a fascinating and diverse selection of instruments. Shawms, sackbuts, cornetts, trumpets, bagpipes, dulcians, flutes, fiddles, lutes, viols, percussion, and many others, join together to alternate the sounds of "alta” with the “bassa cappella", offering a highly variable sonority unique to this group.Thus, La Pifarescha traces the evolution from the alta cappella to the noble consort of cornetts and sackbuts, which appeared on the scene during the renaissance and flourished in the early baroque, often expanding its ranks to include keyboards, strings, and voices.

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