Folk Dances From Bulgaria

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Catalog: GD400

Horo Orchestra; Hristov, Dimitar; Kostadinova, Peter; Bouradjiev, Kostadin; Radanov, Hristofor; Trakia State Folklore Ensemble; Purvanov, Vassil; Nedyalkov, Nedyalko; Raichev, Alexander; Zhelyazkov, Petko; Dimov, Krustyo; Petrov, Giorgy; Georgiev, Yordan; Todorov, Dimiter; Mitev, Delcho; Milarov, Dimitar; Peev, Peyo; Folk Instruments Orchestra of the Philip Kutev National Folklore Ensemble; Nikolov, Nikola; Dobroudja Folk State Ensemble Orchestra; Andreev, Georgi; Orchestra Horo-Rousse

Traditional instrumental dance music is part of Bulgarian musical folklore. In the past, it accompanied the horo dances played on Sundays and holidays. Today, this music is still performed at personal and social celebrations, but it is also included in folk ensemble performances and at solo concerts, in clubs and folk-dance schools. The programme of this release features horo dances from different ethnographic regions – Thrace, North Bulgaria, Dobroudja, Southwest Bulgaria, etc., which include the uneven metres, typical of Bulgarian folk music: 5/8, 7/8, 9/8, 13/8 (Paidoushko Horo, Ruchenitsa, Daichovo Horo, Elenino), etc., as well as straight horos (2/4). The performers are masters of the traditional and so-called ‘modern’ instruments, soloists and orchestras from prominent folk ensembles.

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