Les Pierres Couchees

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For several weeks, Philippe Dubreuil has been desperately searching for his two abducted children at the Louvre Museum. On a winter's day, an unknown mail sends it in the middle of the night to the end of the Breton heath. Clinging to this track, Philippe finds himself a spectator of a ritual murder. Called to testify by the police, he will gradually find himself at the center of a conspiracy that will explode his certainties. Philippe Dubreuil will travel Paris, Brittany, Martinique, the Alps to defeat the terrible plot in action and find his children mysteriously involved in these dramatic events. A mix of muscular action, fantasy and legends – don’t they say they all carry a seed of truth in them? -this dark novel with multiple twists will take you to the heart of a merciless battle between good and evil ... sometimes border tenuous. A fan of Jean-Christophe Grangé's novels, Jacques Vandroux has written a thriller that will immerse the listener in an occult world with demonic ramifications and keep him in suspense as his hero's adventures progress.

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