Jules Cesar

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Badel, Christophe

Presses Universitaires de France and Fremeaux & AssociƩs offer this biography of Julius Caesar, analyzed and explained by Christophe Badel, professor of Roman history and specialist in social history of the Roman nobility. March 15, 44 BC BC, Julius Caesar is assassinated, suspected of wanting to restore the royalty in Rome. A hint of mystery, even today, the life of the great man. As a chronicler, Christophe Babel leads the investigation and retraces the journey of a personality with many facets, patrician close to the people, successively imperator and dictator for life. From the secret alliance with Pompey and Crassus to the sumptuous games given in Rome to the military campaigns of Gaul, Spain and Egypt, the historian tells us of the rise of a political figure, both man and woman. action and writer, whose posterity has little equal in the Western imagination.

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