Berlioz: Symphonie Funèbre Et Triomphale Op.15

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Label: Calliope
Catalog: CAL1859

Dondeyne, Desire; Musique des Gardiens de la Paix, La

Beyond their common subject- The Seasons- it is the colors and the musical expression that enable these two different worlds to coexist with such evident ease. And yet who would think that the sensitive Russian style, so full of suggestion, discretion and nuance, of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Seasons (1840-1893) could find its echo in the silky, sensual work, the cheerful yet grave Four Seasons by Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992). The answer lies in the transcriptions by Alexander Goedicke (1877-1957) and Jose Bragato (1915-2017), which work wonders. By adding instrumental and harmonic elements, they bring out the secret alchemy of the original works. And in the precise yet generous interpretation by the Trio Boheme- and this is the first recording in Europe of Tchaikovsky’s Seasons transcribed for a Trio- one catches the dialogue, and even here and there the complicity, between the Russian and the Argentinian, both of whose lives and creations were so marked by Dance. Listen very closely to these works! Over the oceans and beyond time, hear what these two legendary composers are saying, in the timeless, universal language of Music: They speak of what the soul perceives when Dance takes hold. Ballet or Tango, it matters not. A Pas de Deux can convey both melancholy and heart-warming emotion. The finesse of the faithful transcribers and the communicative enthusiasm of the Trio Boheme bestow on us the gift of these sublime confidences, by which we will ever be deeply moved.

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