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Label: B Records
Catalog: LBM019

Savy, Thomas; Vourc'h, Karen; Rodde, Louis; Chassy, Guillaume de

This autumn, intermingled melodies could be heard under the round arches of Noirlac Abbey, amongst which the strains of both Schubert’s “Trout” and Ellington’s famous “Take the ‘A’ Train” were recognisable. Karen Vourc’h, Thomas Savy, Louis Rodde and Guillaume de Chassy enjoyed navigating between the waters of the Lied and the Jazz Standard to produce this outstanding project connecting two geniuses of melody with intelligent arrangements and improvisational extravagance. And, as ever, hidden behind the old stones, a B Records microphone is there to let you share in this musical journey. Louis Rodde writes of the significance of this album: “We simply asked ourselves the following question: “What can the 21st century musician do to examine our collective musical memory?” When it comes down to it, Schubert and Ellington are two musical pasts, as are Bach and Schumann after all. It was all about us leading people into different worlds, as in a big museum…Everyone is free to make their own connections.”

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