Púrpura De Cascabel

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Púrpura de Cascabel

This unique new album from Purpura de Cascabel is a fascinating mashup of traditional Mexican Son and Baroque airs. The group writes: “Asi 3 de un fandango is the result of a long process of investigation that involved a deep contact with the Son Jarocho tradition and the desire to spread its value mainly in the public space. In 2009, the group Arcadio Hidalgo created the Son Jarocho-Orchestra project “Siquisiri con cuento,” with music composed by Jesus Manuel Serna, commissioned by the Orchestra of the National Conservatory of Muic, where it was already trying to show diversity, wealth, and the magico-spiritual character of the sensitivity and thought embodied in the musical tradition. In the same year the Arcadio Hidalgo group won the Traditional Musicians scholarship that the FONCA organizes, for the creation of the music associated with a play based on a story written by them. The play’s aim is to show children the fabric of Son Jarocho and its cultural roots. This encounter also happened with the thought of Son as a great vessel for the message. This allowed us to create a story that speaks of a simple life process in which the “cultural being” finds itself in the presence of others. Tradition is like this- an intangible treasure in which each one of its heirs is giving part of himself, and building a collective knowledge.”

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