L'immagine Di Corelli

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Catalog: VKJK 1621


The album at hand shows the well-known sonatas Opus 5 by Arcangelo Corelli in an experimental recording of high interest, based on sources from the 18th century regarding music theory and musical practice. Susanne Scholz and Michael Hell, both professors at Kunstuniversität Graz in Austria, share a common and fundamental interest in the strong statement of performance practice. It determines and reinforces their musical expressions and turns this recording into an experiment. The hypotheses that they establish here, which are based on different versions of Arcangelo Corelli’s well-known op. 5 sonatas, focus on instrumental technique, the selection of instruments and the realization of the harpsichord part. The differences, which can be heard in each version through the appropriate choice of these historically informed methods, create a kaleidoscope of musical expressions and soundscapes. This release thereby has no intention of depicting a homogeneous representation of Susanne Scholz’s violin sound and Michael Hell’s continuo playing, but rather of showing how different stylistic differentiations can sound using the most popular violin sonatas of the 18th century as a starting point. The different handed down ornamented versions of the sonatas by Corelli himself, or by Geminiani, or by Roman or an anonymous master reflect the stylistic changes during the first half of the 18th century as well as the different characteristics specific to each country. In this recording, we take these differences into account by switching between three harpsichords and three kinds of violin bows. Only one violin (baroque violin after Antonio Stradivari by Federico Lowenberger; Genova, 2012) was intentionally used to allocate better the sound differences of the postures and bows.

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