Big My Secret

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Catalog: MELCD1002572


Firma Melodiya presents Anton Batagov’s new album Big My Secret with recordings from the renowned composer’s and pianist’s recitals of the same name that took place in December 2017 at Moscow’s International House of Music. Anton Batagov performs works written in different ages – Jean-Philippe Rameau’s and John Bull’s pieces, Bach’s chorale preludes, Michael Nyman’s soundtracks and Mozart’s fantasias. “I'm not trying to find an answer to the question to which there’s no answer – about the ratio of the so-called earthly and the so-called heavenly, serious and frivolous, true and contrived. The questions that sound in every note do not imply the “one and only right” answer. For example, one of Bach’s preludes is named Herr Gott, nun schleuss den Himmel auf (“Lord God, now open the heavens”). Probably, the stereotypes of our consciousness immediately draw in mind some sort of a light and solemn image. But not so fast. What is in this music is an endless stairway, and every step on it is taken with incredible difficulty, because a person who asks to open wide heaven to him seems to be taking a new look at his life seeing it “from there”. And Mozart knocks on this “heaven’s door” without hiding his confusion and being afraid to seem sentimental, but occasionally, out of habit, wearing a theatre wig. As for Rameau and Nyman, they agreed they would wear wigs without taking them off, and let the distinguished audience decide what it’s all about”, Anton Batagov said about the album.

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