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Label: IBS
Catalog: IBS-252018

Constantini, Claudio

America, that vast continent divided by geographic and cultural peculiarities, holds ties which sometimes are more surprising than what they would seem. Their riches come to life and are expressed through artistic means. We now focus on the musical ones, taking two of the most remarkable genres in the world as an example: jazz and tango. Fusion is the keyword, an essential element for the development of culture and society. Claudio Constantini holds an international and multi-faceted career as a performer of two instruments, the piano and the bandoneón, as well as being a composer in demand. Born and raised in Lima (Perú) into a musician´s family, Constantini´s unique style is defined by its solid classical roots paired with a passion for popular music genres, among which Latin American music and improvisation play a key role.

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