Mayseder: Kammermusik, Vol. 4

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Catalog: GRAM99184

Wiener Mayseder Ensemble

Raimund Lissy, violinist with the Vienna Philharmonic, has been supporting the rediscovered work of Viennese composer and violinist Joseph Mayseder (1798-1863) for years. He is already presenting his fourth album with works by the Biedermeier composer, who himself had worked with Haydn, Beethoven and Schubert. Mayseder gained great fame in his lifetime, and bought a city house in Vienna for himself and his son-in-law, a jeweler whose descendants still are active there today. His works, mostly written for chamber music with violin participation, combine virtuosity with Viennese charm. In this volume, the Viennese Mayseder ensemble (with Lissy as 1st violinist) plays the string quartet No. 2 and the string quintet No. 2.

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