Polska Muzyka Choralna

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Label: DUX
Catalog: DUX1505


The present album from the Polish Chamber Choir can be described as a short guide to Polish choral music created over the past few decades. Its repertoire is conceived in order to pair the works of composers closely related to choral music (including Juliusz Luciuk, Pawel Lukaszewski) with works by other esteemed Polish artists. The album includes both relatively simple works (Lumen by Wojciech Kilar, We Also Shepherds by Krzysztof Penderecki), as well as texturally complex, sonoristic explorations (Meditations for 4 sopranos, 4 altos, 4 tenors, 4 basses, and organ by Augustyn Bloch), prompting the listener to reflect. The 30-year-old Polish Chamber Choir belongs to the elite, narrow group of fully professional chamber choirs in the world. It gives around 80-100 concerts a year, preparing over 50 different programmes. The ensemble's primary aim is to work regularly on the instrumental, "orchestral" level, which, apart from many other abilities, demands complete mastery of the vocal apparatus, enabling the realization of all technical and artistic nuances of the compositions.

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