Antoni Wojnar: The Nochats' Dance

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Label: DUX
Catalog: DUX1491

Wojnar, Antoni; Przybyl, Zofia; Wisniewski, Ignacy Jan; Masternak, Oriana; Krawczyk, Magdalena; Wronski, Marek; Owczynnikow, Olga; Koprowski, Wojciech; Koszewska, Agnieszka; Skoczynski, Stanislaw; Przybyl, Olga; Górna, Anna; Dutka, Maria; Pospieszalska, Basia; Kisiel, Dominik; Sadowski, Maciej; Maciejawska, Monika; Piotrowski, Lukasz; Jaremko, Mateusz; Jakubowska, Malwina; Szajrych, Piotr; Urbanek-Kalinowska, Beata

In recent years, the topic of knowledge emerging in virtual reality has increasingly become an inspiration for the creation of films and books. However, probably for the first time, online relations turned out to be a direct inspiration for creating a cyclical music piece. Antoni Wojnar, a student of professor Andrzej Branicki, decided to compose a modernist fairy tale – The Nochat’s Dance. Its heroes are people who establish virtual contacts, which then result in close ties in the real world. The original use of human voice and ingeniously juxtaposed musical instruments with marimba at the forefront, makes this remarkable musical whole turn out to be easily perceptible for the listener.

Price: $23.99