Concerto Köln: Orchestral Music

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Catalog: C7305

Breuer, Cordula; Niesemann, Michael; Kraus, Sylvie; Ehrhardt, Werner; Concerto Köln; Matzke, Werner; Mings, David; Diehl, Nina; Hambitzer, Gerald; Keller, Andrea; Zarba, Gustavo; Zummach, Eberhard; Sandhoff, Martin; Taillard, Pierre-Andre

Concerto Koln - today the name of this ensemble of young musicians is synonymous with a special way of performing music, mainly of the 16th and 17th centuries. With impressive skills, technique and drive they certainly open your ears to what you thought was boringly familiar by making it sound like it had never sounded before. There is no conductor, spontaneity in action and accepting responsibilities for the common goal are asked for and make for the ultimate result. Each interpretation is a unique event. Live concerts are adventures for eyes and ears. Music for Concerto Koln is an exciting adventure with every member participating creatively by using his imagination, liveliness and team spirit. On the present album, the ensemble presents works by Vivaldi, Bach and his sons, Kraus, Mozart, and more.

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