Erdmann-abele: Nachtklänge Kammermusik

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Label: TELOS
Catalog: TLS244

Schroeder, Mirjam; Mangold, Maximilian; Dorfner, Andreas; Gross, Michael; Kersten, Andreas; Lessing, Kolja; Linckelmann, Angela-Charlott

Veit Erdmann-Abele writes of his new release: “The term I like to use is Klangbild, a picture in sound. It refers to the musical reaction we can have vis-à-vis paintings or texts. Take the Five Meditations on Stained-Glass Windows, for instance: the original stained-glass windows featured scenes from the Old and New Testaments. My music is by no means an attempt to “describe” those stories; rather, it is the outgrowth of my very personal, individual thoughts and emotions. My approach is like that of a book illustrator. The music should not attempt to recount the story; rather, quite differently, it offers an independent commentary on the events. I apply the same approach in my “musical commentaries” on Dietmar Scholz’s textual aphorisms. The music does not literally depict “the lonely hair that becomes important by falling into the soup”, but tries to grasp the meaning hidden behind the text. This becomes particularly apparent in the case of Scholz’s aphorism “In a mirror, everything is similar and everything is the opposite”: this textual content can be musically depicted as a form. In the same way, my musical setting of the Romanesque Frescoes is not a description, but a commentary.”

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