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Label: WERGO
Catalog: WER64262


Anna Korsun’s compositions explore unknown ground by repeatedly exploring aesthetic boundaries. Her portrait album in the series Edition Zeitgenossische Musik, presents five of these musical maps. With a wide variety of instrumentations, ranging from the extraordinary organ in the Kunst-Station Sankt Peter Cologne to a vocal ensemble, she creates sophisticated, sometimes bizarre sound images, always surrounded by a fleeting aura. Embedded in a tense relationship of insatiable curiosity and compositional skill, Korsun develops literally unheard musical worlds. “Often she takes a single theme, idea or vision and pursues it into depths so profound as to become existential. Viewed from this vantage point, we can descry the defining features of her personal style: heedless of tradition, she seeks and finds the resources she needs for each particular project. Her sonic imagination knows practically no bounds”, as described by Ingo Dorfmüller. This “hazardous sound” (Ingo Dorfmüller) is contrasted with a thoroughly traditional understanding of form, which lends her pieces an almost knock-on effect. Anna Korsun can be heard as a singer in numerous, especially recorded pieces for the portrait album. In addition, various renowned musicians perform on it, such as organist Dominik Susteck, guitarist Flavio Virzì or Johanna Zimmer and Andreas Fischer from the Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart as well as the Ensemble Looptail.

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