B3 - Bach-brahms-beethoven - Works For Piano

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Label: TYXart
Catalog: TXA18118

Kornienko, Alexei

Alexei Kornienko writes: “At the center of our present recording lies the “romantic” perception and since strictly speaking, only Brahms can be counted to the romantic period, it is much rather the interpretation of very personal and intimate pieces, Bach and Beethoven included. In my personal opinion there is no so-called authenticity in interpretation, which explains the maybe not so traditional but rather romantic approach to Bach and Beethoven. From an early age on, I developed a special relationship to Brahms, played and performed many of his works, and in this context it was very interesting for me to create my own cycle of his Intermezzi. Although they are from different times from Brahms‘s life and thus from different emotional phases, it feels to me that they harmonize ideally with each other, as well as in the overall program. They form the core of the idea for this album. Specifically, the Partita No.6 by Bach has a very personal touch – even the Fuga does not sound as strict as one is used to it otherwise, but rather leads to the romantic empathy. Stylistically, the work differs from the romantic, but in spirit it is very similar… Each program has a heart and this is basically a concert program and not a classic album production. So I would like to encourage you, my dear listeners, to actively respond to the programmatic content and especially to the soul of the music.”

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