O Wüßt Ich Doch Den Weg Zurück (ah! If I But Kn

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Label: TYXart
Catalog: TXA18117

Dumno, Hilko; Kasper, Kateryna

Kateryna Kasper writes of her new album: “This album is a journey to bygone and dreamt of lands. A journey back to childhood, to the land of elves and nymphs, to the Romantic era. A journey back? – The modern way of evaluating, optimizing and automatizing everything provokes, I believe, in many people a quiet “Romantic” longing for the secrets hiding behind everyday things, for the irrational, the timeless, for what makes us human. Childhood is such a precious time in which rules of imagination and play reign supreme. These same rules govern the musings of fairy tales and also of music. Romanticism is more than an era: it is also an attitude towards life and, as such, is timeless. Perhaps it is more topical today than ever.”

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