An Enduring Legacy: Dr. Ralph Woodward With The By

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Label: Tantara Records
Catalog: TCD0318RWL

BYU A Cappella Choir; Woodward, Ralph

In commemoration of the 100th year anniversary of conductor Dr. Ralph Woodward’s birth, this new album celebrates the contribution and legacy of this world-renowned conductor and features the BYU A Cappella Choir performing 48 songs that were recorded from 1964–84 as the Woodward took the choir to national and international prominence. Dr. Woodward’s directorship of the Brigham Young University A Cappella Choir began in the fall of 1964 and ended in 1984. Most of these years are represented on this recording. This compilation was drawn from a variety of sources- the primary one being BYU Music Special Collections. Through the foresight and guidance of the curator, Dr. David Day, printed programs and concert recordings had already been preserved, making it possible to view programs and then locate matching audio files. Fortunately, many tapes were still in good condition. This compilation does have something of an archival feel because of the varied physical condition of source recordings as well as changes in sound engineering techniques and practices over the years. Nevertheless, through the dedication and expertise of the mastering engineer, Troy Sales, these live performances from varied settings and sources have been combined into a cohesive and satisfying whole.

Price: $19.99