Wizlavs Viser

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Label: Pro Musica
Catalog: PPC9078

Aurora Borealis

Songs from Wizlav the Younger. The mïnnesinger Wizlav the Younger is the source of 17 of the melodies, with their accompanying lyrics, in the unique Jena song manuscript from around year 1320. The Norwegian grand old man of medieval music instruments, Sverre Jensen, has arranged the 17 pieces by Wizlav and recorded them together with his ensemble, Aurora Borealis. He has also reconstructed and built all the string instruments, making this a truly authentic performance. In addition to Sverre Jensen playing plucked instruments and hurdy-gurdy, the members of Aurora Borealis are Øyonn Groven Myhren (vocals), Anne Hytta (bowed instruments) and Tomas Nilsson (percussion and hammered dulcimer). Most of the musicians have roots in the Norwegian folk music tradition, as can be seen in their presentation of the Wizlav material.

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