Everything In Between

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Catalog: PCD188

Norrbotten Big Band; Iversen, Anne Mette

Anne Mette Iversen writes of her new release with the Norrbotten Big Band: “It has been my great pleasure to work as Composer in Residence for The Norrbotten Big Band this year. During four visits to Lulea I have brought in new music and we have rehearsed, experimented, tried out and tested ideas, gotten to know each other. For me it has been a fantastic experience, a process that has enriched me in various ways as a composer and musician. Apart from having gained experience and learned various technical skills, the most surprising thing I discovered was that it could be a challenge to get the individual musician to take of the ‘big band hat’ which they usually take on when they sit down in a big band. While there is a use for these ‘hats’ or for ‘standard big band musician practicies’; I find that in creative music, there is easily more room for more individual responsibility and approach. I have tried to make room for that, and it is my hope that a little bit of this shines through in the music we are presenting [on this album]. It is a constant goal for me to present my music as ‘complete’ and fully rounded in terms of idea, musical balance and presentation. Whether on album level or individual song level, I attempt to create a balanced composition with a sense of purpose that conveys an overall emotional message.”

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