Anders Monrad: The Mærsk Opera

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Label: MPD
Catalog: DAC-LP004-05
Format: VINYL

Hildebrandt, David; Reumert, Mathias; Zapolski, Tanja; Lundgren, Nina Bols; Thing-Simonsen, Sophie; Lykke, Emil; Nandfred, Bo; Duus, Simon; Forsberg, Rebecca; Seibaek, Matias; Sandberg, Rikke; Andersen, Mads Hebsgaard; Skjold, Alexander; Staugaard, Morten; Kramp, Morten Lassenius; Monrad, Anders; Højmark, Rune; Westergaard, Christian; Nordin, Jesper; Riis, Adam; Esperilla, Manuel

The Maersk Opera is an opera in three acts for 26 voices, choir, and orchestra about the building of the Copenhagen Opera House, donated to the city of Copenhagen as a “people’s gift,” financed solely by Denmark’s richest man, the late Maersk McKinney-Moller. The opera tells the story of the power relation between a single privileged individual, his company and the surrounding society, through the much debated building of the Opera House. The Maersk Opera is licensed for free non-commercial use and the score was donated to the Royal Danish Opera and the Copenhaben Opera House for free in 2012. The artwork for this album was made by the art group SUPERFLEX, who exhibits their works in museums all over the world.

Price: $71.99