Telemann The Chameleon

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Catalog: LWC1158


Frodge Thorsen writes of this new release: “Telemann’s many sonatas for recorder and basso continuo, including those in conjunction with other instruments, can be found on many recordings and are probably known to many listeners with an interest in the Telemann oeuvre. This is why in this “recital” recording, we have gone a bit off the beaten track and taken some liberties. In “Carillion” and “Sonata B major” the bass recorder is used, though it is not actually an instrument associated with solo work. It is, however, a variety of woodwind that Telemann was not unfamiliar with, as he used it in “Trauer Actus” and hints at it in the title “Bassoun o Flaut 4,” loosely translated as “bassoon flute,” playing an octave over the bassoon…We have also allowed Johann Friedrich Fasch, who had a deep admiration for Telemann, to join the party, With a reverent nod to his role model, he has provided us with a bassoon sonata. Finally, I have taken the liberty to incorporate 2 pieces by Frenchman Jean Daniel Braun into one of Telemann’s flute fantasies, the result being an approximation of a classic suite in five movements.”

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