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Label: haenssler CLASSIC
Catalog: HC18031

Alinde Quartett

Moritz Benjamin Kolb writes: “We first placed the sheet music of Purcell´s fantasias on our music stands at a time when we were principally working on Mendelssohn's last quartet, immersed in his dark spiritual mood. We played the first bars of one of the fantasias on a whim, perhaps subconsciously wishing to find a light-hearted contrast to what we were working on. The incredible beauty and clarity of the music took hold of us straight away, in a way that no other music had affected us till then. Our faces brightened up and we knew that these gems would stay with us. From then on, we began each rehearsal with one of the fantasias. This new light was rather like an awakening for us. We began to include the fantasias in our concert programmes. As a result of the enthusiastic audience reaction and our collaboration with the wonderful Richard Gwilt we decided, over time, that we would take possession of these works. As a result, the contrast between light and dark on this recording is something very personal. We are very happy about this and grateful.”

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