Vingt Mille Lieus Sous Les Mer

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Gabin, Jean

Jules Verne's "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea", published in 1869, was adapted to film in 1954 by Walt Disney Studios, and in 1955 to an adaptation in the form of a children's audio theater with Jean Gabin in the role of Captain Nemo. The work presents this man, creator of the Nautilus, a terrible destructive submarine, rejecting humanity, and assuming an ecological discourse of an astonishing modernity. With the music of Maurice Jarre, this recording is a part of the imagination of all the children of yesterday, and it will certainly resonate with those of today. "The year 1866 was marked by a bizarre event, an inexplicable and inexplicable phenomenon that nobody has probably forgotten. Not to mention the rumors that agitated the populations of the ports and excite the public spirit inside the continents, the seafarers were particularly moved. The merchants, ship-owners, captains of vessels, skippers and masters of Europe and America, officers of the military navies of all countries, and after them the governments of the various states of the two continents, were concerned at this higher point. Indeed, for some time, several ships had met at sea with "an enormous thing", a long object, fusiform, sometimes so phosphorescent, infinitely larger and faster than a whale. (…) " (Jules Verne)

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