Les Micro Humains

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In the future, the human species will be: Smaller - More feminine - More resistant - More supportive ... In the era of the third humanity, what will remain of us? Composed of researchers and soldiers, the French company Pygmée Prod markets the services of a new breed of humans created from scratch: Emachs, women and men up to 17 cm. These reduced beings serve the entire planet in various tasks: their small size and the minutia of their gestures do wonders; some have even illustrated themselves in heroic deeds. Everything could go on like this, if a sordid news story did not upset everything. In Austria, a teenager films himself torturing three of these Emachs. On the internet, the video is a buzz. Dr. Wells, at the origin of the project, then realizes that his creatures are not considered as human beings. He is actively campaigning for the great people of this world to change their point of view on these mini-humans and give them rights. For their part, the Emachs take the Maquis and come into resistance... Les Micro-Humains by Bernard Werber is presented on this release, read in French by Raphael Mathon.

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