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This new release from Fremeaux & Associes features the audiobook “Territoires” by Olivier Norek, read in French. Since the last survey of Captain Victor Coste and his team, the calm seems to have returned to the SDPJ 93. Not for long, alas! The execution of three young men will lead them on unimaginable paths. Cocaine loaves stashed at pensioners, a psychopath leader of barely thirteen, occult militia recruited from boxing clubs funded by the municipality, a deputy mayor found dead at home, tortured ... and Coste is facing an army of ruthless thugs, able to cause a real revolution. But who is responsible for the carnage that will soon set the city ablaze? With this admirably controlled thriller, Olivier Norek plunges us into a series of terribly human dramas and criminal strategies - far from being as fictitious as one might think - where the murderers themselves are manipulated.

Price: $35.99