V4: Breve Encyclopedie Du Mond

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Catalog: FA5704

Onfray, Michel

The latest opus of Cosmos explores the arts, poetry and music: these human creations that combine with nature to allow everyone to experience the sublime. From prehistoric origins to Christian dominance, from bourgeois art from the Renaissance to contemporary creations, Michel Onfray sketches a counter-history of the arts, citing Mallarmé, André Breton, Tristan Tzara, Marcel Duchamp, Bachelard, Georges Rouquier or Pierre Soulages. The art changes paradigm, and if the cardinal notion of the beautiful disappears, it leaves room for the sublime, this feeling of astonishment radical and subjugated that can unite in a moment the man and the cosmos. “The sublime in art is always subject to the conditions of an agreement with nature.” (Emmanuel Kant)

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