Piesni Ksiezyca

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Label: DUX
Catalog: DUX1483

Bugaj, Tomasz; Borkowski, Piotr; Polski Chór Kameralny; Huberman Philharmonic Czestochowa; Borowicz, Janusz; Camerata Vistula; Polish Radio Orchestra; Mikolajczyk-Niewiedzial, Anna; Lukaszewski, Jan; Malewicz Madej, Anna

April 2018 saw the 40th death anniversary of Wojciech Lukaszewski – composer, pedagogue, music critic, and animator of the musical culture of Czestochowa. The present album is released on the occasion of this anniversary in order to recall some of the creative output of the prematurely deceased composer. The choral and vocal-instrumental compositions by Lukaszewski, recorded on the album, constitute a fragment of his varied and rich works. Lukaszewski’s art is characterized by a diversified use of compositional techniques. His works are distinguished by the free use of various compositional techniques, they are unique due to the excellent technique; they are often aphoristic. Lukaszewski’s musical language followed the path of evolution typical of the composers of his generation and developed from neoclassical inspirations, through sonoristic regulation with the use of aleatoric techniques and freely treated dodecaphony up to gradual reduction of the sound language and searching for own forms of creative expression.

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