Music Close To Us

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Label: DUX
Catalog: DUX1342

Saciuk, Piotr; Skorupa, Malgorzata; Madrawski, Jerzy; Barszcz, Mariusz

Music close to our hearts – this is the title with which we invite you to the next musical journey. This time the trail will be marked by clarinet, an instrument of unusual technical and expressive possibilities. It is present in orchestras and ensembles, while its color, slightly dark, modulated, deep, brings to mind the sound of Roma and Jewish bands, wandering with their music on the European continent. The clarity of the clarinet’s sound has long encouraged great composers to entrust it with important roles, to experiment with its colour, technical possibilities, and euphony with other instruments. On this album we present you several clarinet encounters in various versions, in the performance and interpretation of an excellent musician, Mariusz Barszcz, and the accompanying him artists.

Price: $23.99