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Label: Coviello
Catalog: COV91810


‘Con brio' is an instruction in Beethoven's works that is not uncommon, and awakening the invoked “fire” is one of the challenges for interpreters of the composer's early works. The Duo Alexander calls their new recording of works for violoncello and piano 'Feuerfarbe' (Fire Color) in the style of a Beethoven contemporary from Bonn. Here the two musicians truly bring fire to the album. The duo is considered the smallest chamber music unit: an exchange between two equal partners, a constant musical dialogue with simultaneous soloist demands on both players. Alexander Scherf (cello) and Alexander Puliaev (pianoforte) have dedicated themselves to this task. Based on the sound spectrum of their historical instruments, the duo Alexander has developed a repertoire that includes not only the fixed star Beethoven but also reaches into romanticism to Mendelssohn and Chopin.

Price: $22.99