Arcadelt: Madrigali - Chansons - Motetti

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Label: Ricercar
Catalog: RIC392
Format: CD

Cappella Mediterranea; Mauillon, Angelique; Dadre, Denis Raisin; Chœur de Chambre de Namur; Roset, Julie; Vistoli, Carlo; Spaeter, Matthias; Verdin, Joris; Gracia, Adrià; Florès, Mariana; García Alarcón, Leonardo; Doulce Mémoire; Boquet, Pascale

Although named in every history of music as an important composer and as one of the creators of the Italian madrigal, principally known for the madrigal Il bianco e dolce cigno and even more so by an incorrectly attributed Ave Maria that amateur choirs have been performing since the Romantic period, Jacques Arcadelt has not yet gained the position that he deserves in the musical world of today. He was in the service of the Medici, the papacy and the kings of France; he could hardly have had a more impressive career. The recording sessions for this set created a real emotional shock on several occasions: we were convinced that Jacques Arcadelt was a true genius and it was easy to understand why his contemporaries regarded him as truly exceptional.

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