Zambra!: Guitars From Spain

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Catalog: SH187

Regnier, Marc

Since its outset at the turn of the 19th century, the six-string guitar has been an inseparable part of Spain’s musical life. Although Italy and France were also prolific centers of performers, composers and builders during the early decades of the century, Spain later became the instrument's iconic country. Guitarists started accompanying flamenco singers, making the guitar an intrinsic part of the art form and positioning it as Spain’s national instrument. Many concert guitarists --most notably Julián Arcas-- included it in their performances and compositions. Both flamenco and classical guitars increased their volume, quality of sound, and overall possibilities with the designs by luthier Antonio de Torres, whose construction standards have remained unchanged to this day. A long list of referents would ensue in later generations, including Francisco Tárrega, Miguel Llobet, Emilio Pujol and Andrés Segovia. Moreover, both Spanish and foreign composers evoked the sound of the guitar and the forms associated with it as an immediate reference to the Mediterranean country.

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