Trip / Mike Stern

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Catalog: HUI00010
Format: CD


About a year ago Mike Stern, one of the highest regarded most successful jazz guitarists alive today, had a terrible accident. He broke both shoulders when he tripped running across a street in Manhattan. Trip, his upcoming 2017 release is his stunning return after multiple surgeries and a lot of gumption. More than just a comeback, this album is about Mike’s career and his musical partnerships which Mike loving refers to “as a trip”. Joining Mike on this journey are a great cast of long time collaborators like: Jim Beard, Lenny White, Dave Weckl, Wallace Roney, Dennis Chambers, Victor Wooten, Will Calhoun, Tom Kennedy and more… 1. Trip (7:24) 2. Blueprint (7:27) 3. Half Crazy (5:37) 4. Screws (7:21) 5. Gone (4:06) 6. Whatchacallit (6:44) 7. Amelia (5:33) 8. Hope for That (5:52) 9. I Believe You (5:03) 10. Scotch Tape and Glue (5:36) ​​​​​​​11.B Train (5:20)

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