Stabat Mater Piano Sonatas

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Label: CPO
Catalog: 555103-2
Format: CD

Hinrichs, Marie-Luise

Giovanni Battista Pergolesi wrote his Stabat Mater in 1734 and completed it shortly before his early death in 1734, at only 26 years old. Probably a Franciscan monk wrote the text in the 13th century. It is a heartfelt representation of the passion of Christ, in which the poet presents the sufferings and inner pain of Mary, who has to witness the death of her son at the cross. The poet asks to be allowed, as well, to take part in Marys pain. ''The Stabat Mater of Pergolesi has fascinated me from the beginning: both the powerful lyrics, and also the music, which not only underlines the text effectively, but has independently in itself as well a great effect. The music is so deeply touching that I felt a great desire to play this on the piano und to rewrite the music. Whilst I was rewriting the Stabat Mater, i had periods of great enthusiasm for the work, yet then there were also days, when I couldn't even toniue, because of a deep sadness that had seized me. And when I then practiced the Stabat Mater for the recording of the album, that some thing happened to me again. But the piece has a wonderful turning point, when it speaks about the glory of Paradise at the end, the protection that comes from the cross and with it the mercy of Christ. All of this is audible as well in the music. The differences and the character of the single stanzas get well emphasized by the music. The piece's resolution showing the glory of Paradise, as well as the Amen are wonderful highlights and finishing poitns for the great work.'' (Marie-Luise Hinrichs)

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