20 Best Of Island Music

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Label: ARC
Catalog: EUCD2735
Format: CD


Enjoy an hour of gorgeous summer sun with this very enjoyable, laid-back and relaxed island music. This album travels from the Caribbean to the Pacific Islands and Hawaii, the Marquesas Islands, Fiji, New Zealand, Tahiti, the Cook Islands, and Micronesia. This lineup is comprised of both studio recordings and field recordings which were gathered by musicologists over the last few decades. Especially notable is the Tahiti recordings by David Fanshawe. The song was recorded by Fanshawe at “Heiva I Tahiti,” the biggest annual cultural event of the year in Tahiti. It presents four weeks of traditional competitions, reenactments and nonstop performance in the annual dance and singing competitions. The song is an Aparima, which is often performed in the kneeling or sitting position and every gesture in the dance is symbolic and has very great meaning.

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