La Belle Vielleuse: The Virtuoso Hurdy Gurdy In 18

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Label: Ricercar
Catalog: RIC382
Format: CD

Mauch, Monika; Ensemble Danguy; Meisel, Marc; Miller, Tobie

In the time of Madame de Pompadour, the hurdy-gurdy, like the musette, enjoyed a great success. It was considered to be on a level with other instruments and, as can be seen in various paintings, was highly regarded by the ladies of the aristocracy. Several books of instruction for the instrument were published, one of which was Michel Corrette's La belle vielleuse; virtuoso players such as Danguy and Dupuits extended its playing techniques to their limits. The instrument's charm was sung by various poets whose words were then set as cantatas. The unknown works that constitute this recording place it firmly in the French court of the time with its stylized pastoral diversions.

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