Bulgarian Folk Heritage

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Label: GEGA
Catalog: GD379
Format: CD

Ganchev, Nikola; Gigov, Stoyan; Gyokova, Staika; Nedyalkova, Ruska; Kolev, Kosta; Bulgarian National Radio Folk Songs Ensemble; Choir of the Bulgarian National Radio Folk Songs Ensemble; Kyurkchiisky, Krassimir; Hristova, Dora; Nankov, Boyan; Panayotov, Dobrin; Karaivanov, Yovcho; Kancheva, Sonya; Naumov, Anastas; Zgurova, Kalinka; Lavchev, Dimiter; Stefanov, Kiril; Varimezova, Tsvetanka; Mihaylov, Zdravko; Mystery Of Bulgarian Voices Choir, The; Kehayov, Danislav; Boneva, Stojanka; Choir for Thracian Folk

The series Bulgarian Folk Heritage features performers and composers who have contributed to collecting, preserving and circulating of folk music art. They present to the audience samples of all folk regions. The previous albums in the collection featured the composers Kosta Kolev, Anastas Naumov and singer Snejana Borissova. Stefan Kanev was included in teh series with two programmes. The composer has contributed in an exceptional way in the preservation and promotion of Bulgarian folklore and his author's interventions are always very delicate. For this reason, many of the renowned performers preferred to work with him as a composer. In fact, almost all Bulgarian singers and instrumentalists from the second half of the 20th century had collaborated with Stefan Kanev. The third programme dedicated to his works includes the most renowned names in Bulgarian folk performing art.

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