Music Of The Persian Mystics

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Label: ARC
Catalog: EUCD2725
Format: CD

Derakhshani, Majid; Jooya, Zohreh

This album, composed by Majid Derakhshani and sung by Zohreh Jooya, is based on poems of the Persian mystics Mowlana Rumi, Hafiz and Saadi. It is a blend of classical Persian music with the colors and sounds of today; an unconventional combination of Oriental and European instruments. It represents a new musical direction: evocative and contemplative melodies, a fusion of oriental and occidental rhythms and sounds which envelop the soul with a gentle, velvety caress. Traditional rhythms and sounds with contemporary aesthetics. It is the belief and the truth in these poems which connects the soul with God. The realization of a new world evolves from the reading of these verses. Realism and mysticism are part of a whole, in which the profane and the holy, human and Divine love, senses and spirit become one. Majid Derakhshani was born in Iran into an artistic family. He studied string instruments and composition at the University of Teheran. After moving to Germany he founded the Nova music school in Cologne. He has given many highly-respected performances at international festivals and at radio stations all over the world. Today he is considered one of the best tar players in Iran.

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