You Are Here / Fred Frith, Hans Koch

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Catalog: INT286
Format: CD

Frith, Fred; Koch, Hans

Fred Frith is a world renowned improvisor, composer and multi-instrumentalist wh ohas positioned himself on the contemporary music scene between rock and jazz, improvisation and composition. Experimental saxophonist and bass clarinetist Hans Koch has a similarly superb reputation. In the past few years Hans has dedicated himself to the quieter side of improvisation. Both musicians have extended the possibilities of their instruments and stepped into new territories. The pair have known each other since the Nineties. As a guest, Frith took part in the the "hardcore chamber music" of trio Koch-Sch├╝tz-Studer. On the new album "You Are Here" they create intriguing sound worlds and fascinating tone structures purely by improvising. TIt is the music of two mature masters who have worked all their life to develop their own musical language. The duo allows them to make full use fo their artistic capability to the great pleasure of the listener.

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