More Essentials

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Catalog: CW 1500132


Silence. First there is silence. Then there are delicate basslines, playfully plucked on the upright bass. Silence once more, before the piano begins a floating melody. It is with minimalist, almost somnam-bulistic notes that “More Essentials” begins, the second release from Swiss bass player Daniel Schlappi and American pianist Marc Copland. After their first collective album “Essential” and four joint tours, on “More Essentials” the two musicians now continue their dialogue initiated in 2010. It is evident that two souls have met who have a lot to tell each other and other people. For this album the two musicians chose amongst others songs by Charlie Parker, Horace Silver, Joni Mitchell and Miles Davis. “We didn’t follow any set criteria to choose the songs,” according to Daniel Schlappi. “This is the music which has been accompanying us for a long time and which offers us the ideal scope for our play.” Marc Copland contributes the composition “LST.” The songs are linked by five “Essentials,” improvisations by Daniel Schlappi which function more like a commentary or an implied smile of approval to the other than as a transition to the next piece of music.

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