Ladino Songs & Sephardic Music

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Label: ARC
Catalog: EUCD2718

Colares, Arildo; Primo Comi, Renato; Vidigal, Marta; Vissoná, Gianni; Nophal, Julio; Cornejo, Daniel; Fortuna, ; Rua, Fernando de la; Casto, Iara; Rodrigues, Roberto Alves; Avena, Eduardo; Colomar, Ana Eliza; Müller, Helcio; Carrara, Camilo

In the 1980s, while staging her first plays, Fortuna composed a repertoire of songs in partnership with the Curitiba poet Paulo Leminski. The decisive chapter of her career, however, would begin to be written after a trip to Israel, in 1991. It was there that Fortuna’s art won an innovative orientation: when she heard a piece of the Ladino collection of songs, she found the raw material for a unique aesthetic proposal, in which music, dance and dramaturgy converge in the re-creation of a rich cultural legacy. Ladino, a Jewish-Hispanic dialect, is the language of Sefardim, the Jews of Sefarad, the Hebrew name of the Iberian Peninsula. The contact with the Ladino musical tradition would change Fortuna’s life and give new direction of her work. This album is a compilation of songs from Fortuna’s previous releases “Mediterraneo,” “Cantigas,” and “La Prima Vez.”

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