Schubert: Amarcord Ensemble

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Catalog: RKap10116
Format: CD

Schneider, Eric; Amarcord Ensemble

Founded in 1992 by members of St. Thomas Boys Choir in Leipzig, amarcord has since become one of the world’s leading vocal ensembles. The group’s hallmarks include a unique tone, breathtaking homogeneity, musical authenticity, and a good dose of charm and humor. The ensemble performs a vast and highly diverse repertoire of music, from medieval plainsong to madrigals and Renaissance masses, to compositions and cycles of works of the European Romantic period and the twentieth century, and a cappella folksong arrangements collected from all over the world, all the way to rock, pop, soul, and jazz charts. With this new album, amarcord opens the Schubert treasure chest. The imaginative world of the 19th century is revived here with a beautiful natural interpretation, delicate love expressions, and a marvelous spirit.

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