I Have Set My Hert So Hy / Dufay Collective

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Label: AVIE
Catalog: AV2286
Format: CD

William Lyons (director, flute, recorder, English double pipes, Jon Banks (harp, gittern), Rebecca Austen-Brown (vielle, rebec, recorder), Jacob Heringman (lute, gittern), Victoria Couper, Emily Burn, Clemmie Franks (voice) The Dufay Collective

1. Blowe, Northerne Wynd 2. I Have Set My Hert So Hy 3. Plus Pur L'enoyr 4. Bryd One Brere 5. Le Grant Pleyser 6. Maiden In The Mor Lay 7. Wel Wer Hym That Wyst 8. Esperance 9. Adam Lay Ibowndyn 10. Danger Me Hath, Unskylfuly 11. Alysoun 12. Ye Have So Longe Kepe Schepe 13. With Ryth Al My Herte 14. Nowell, Owt Of Youre Sleep Aryse 15. I Rede That Thu Be Joly And Glad 16. I Syng Of A Myden 17. Hayl Mary Ful Of Grace 18. Ave Maria I Say 19. Corpus Christi Carol 20. Gresley Dances

Grammy-nominated The Dufay Collective, in collaboration with vocal trio Voice, presents ‘I Set My Hert So Hy: Love and Devotion in Medieval England’, a recording of songs and instrumental numbers written for and heard in the royal courts and religious houses of the 15th century. The Dufay Collective has been performing and recording its unique brand of early music for nearly three decades, winning awards and wide-spread critical acclaim along the way. ‘I Have Set My Hert So Hy’ marks the group’s return to the recording studio with a collection of 15th century songs and instrumental numbers, much of which has been expertly reconstructed by the ensemble’s director William Lyons. On this recording, The Dufays collaborate with vocal trio Voice, recreating the essence of music written for and heard in the royal courts and religious houses of Medieval England.

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